Who I am, Why I am here?

Hello everybody my name is Murielle,

Why do I want to write a blog ? well I could say because I am not here nor there that is in relation to my life. For many years I have been in jobs that don’t suit me or don’t fulfill me.

So finally I want to do something that I hope is going to give a voice to my creative self, which I found really difficult.I am no writer, I found writing really  challenging. I would be more a visual artist  (I used to put some photos on Instagram) or a story teller but with a silent voice. I hope to be able to express myself because actually I have a lot to say.  So the idea is to talk about something that I really enjoy and that is  FOOD ( I love photography,art,cartoons…)

I am no masterchef but I really enjoy cooking. I have many ideas, so I hope to share them with others, get tips, meet new people and keep on going really.  The idea is to bake, make bread, brunch/breakfasts, use seasonal products but the main thing is to post and be consistent which is I found a real challenge.

One more thing, I love plants but I kill all of them especially herbs for cooking any tips to keep them alive and well.

Oh yes one last thing I probably going to change the name of my blog as I have change my mind I don’t like it anymore!!

If you are reading my post thank you and see you soon. ( yes I am practising actively baking which sometimes

ends up in failure it is why I haven’t posted anything last weekend !!)

Thank you very much,



My day so far

Happy Friday Everybody,

Hope you had a good day. Today I decided to go to Ikea, when I opened my door, I live in a block of flat I found a packet of Quality Street( are assorted sweets and they are on the photo ) outside my door, thank you very much! My neighbours are having a birthday party so they left a box of sweets and a note because they might be noisy, how thoughtful.

Then in IKEA I bought few things like the bottle on the photo that you can use as a vase and some food that you can find in the supermarket.

I Love to try new things so here they are.

Daim is a Chocolate Milk bar with a Crunchy Almond Centre and it is really nice. Since it come from Sweden it used to be difficult to find it but now you can buy it in most supermarkets or online. It is worth trying, it is one of the best chocolate bars.

The jam I will probably use it on toasts and for a tart. I will keep you post it.

I have never tried elk meat so that is  a first and I have tried and I really like it with a cold beer it goes really well so cheers and have a good weekend. And of course I bought the famous  meatballs.


Chocolate Cake with only two ingredients




I have always loved cakes and my favourites, are layers of sponges with buttercream. It reminds my of childhood.

Not long ago I came across a chocolate cake recipe that was using only two ingredients, I felt that I had read about this recipe a while ago but I just dismissed it for the love of buttercream.Was I wrong!

That recipe is a game changer. I feel I missed  an opportunity there but never mind, better late than never.It is true, it is more a dessert than a cake since it doesn’t have any flour, butter or leavening agents.This cake is fantastic, there are no worries about whether it is going to rise, not rise, or be moist, it just works.

Quick and easy to make,  anybody who is going to eat it will be really impressed.It is rich and decadent that is a word I thought I would never use it but actually it is true.

For the cake mix I have used three different types of chocolates, Dark, Milk Chocolate , and Nutella. I am a bit obsess with Nutella who doesn’t! Next time I will only use milk chocolate and Nutella as I don’t like so much the bitter taste of dark chocolate.


So for the ingredients you will need:

  • 3 bars of chocolate
  • 3 large eggs
  1. Preheat oven to 170c
  2. Separate egg whites and put them in the  fridge, it helps later when you beats the eggs
  3. Keep your egg yolks in a small bowl as you are going to put them in the melted chocolate
  4. Melt your chocolate over Bain-Marie or hot water bath or in the microwave. If you use Bain-Marie be careful not to spill any water in your melted chocolate it will harden around the spoon and you will have to start from the beginning ( use a wooden spoon or spatula).Stir the chocolate from time to time, ounce melted wait for it to cool down then add your egg yolks ( if too hot your egg yolks will turn into scrambled eggs)
  5. Beat egg whites until you get firm picks or you can turn the bowl upside down
  6. Using a spatula or wooden spoon, add egg whites into the melted chocolate a spoon at the time, mix well
  7. Line a round cake pan with parchment paper
  8. Pour batter in pan and tap the pan on the counter so there is no air in the batter
  9. Put in the oven for 30 to 40 minutes, check that the cake is ready with a skewer or a toothpick if it comes clean it is ready
  10. Ounce ready leave to cool in the pan then place on wire rack to cool it completely
  11. You can brush it with Cognac/Brandy or any alcohol or icing sugar, cocoa powder or even cinnamon if you fancy
  12. Ready to eat enjoy!


Egg, Bacon and Avocado on Toast


Hello I feel the need to introduce myself, do I like food? yes very much!

So while I was thinking about what I was going to write for my first blog post ( I did post a recipe but I feel this is my first real committed post), I asked myself about what is my favourite food?

 well I didn’t come up with anything fancy or elaborate, my favourite foods are eggs amongst other things. I love the taste of runny egg yolk on fresh bread simple but so satisfying.The truth,I could never get bored of eggs. The humble egg is really versatile, it can be fried, poached, steamed, used for baking and in desserts and even on hair but that was a failure as far as I am concerned!

 One of the best combination, is egg, bacon and avocado it works a treat. You can eat it at any time of the day and it can be a meal.

For the recipe I have used brioche buns ( brioche is an enriched bread butter, egg and milk are added) which I baked myself. I will post the recipe in one of my next posts. For the avocado I have used salt, pepper, hot sauce and lemon. To be honest as much avocado, lemon and olive oil are a match in heaven with egg and bacon only salt and pepper is enough. I have used hot sauce and one  my favourite is Dunn’s River it is hot yet spicy with the taste of garlic.

Prepare the avocado to your taste, hot sauce really works well but add too much and the taste of avocado is lost. I cut my avocado in quarter it is easier, you just pull the sides apart and peel the skin. Grill your bacon ( I didn’t fry it, you can use the oven it is less greasy) and bread and fry your egg ( I used a non stick pan no oil was used as I didn’t want the taste of oil on my avocado) Don’t forget chive it is a good combination.

Ready to eat.

        Here are the ingredients:

preparation for avocado egg toast

  • Bread roll
  • egg
  • smoked bacon
  • avocado
  • salt and pepper
  • lemon
  • hot sauce
  • chive

The Burnt Toast is about me, Murielle someone creative, who loves discovering and eating new food. I am certainly not perfect and I will be learning at the same time, have fun, share tips and make recipes easy to understand. Cooking is as much about enjoying, trying and eating.